Axis Opportunity Finder Membership

The Axis Opportunity Finder helps artists and creatives quickly and easily find opportunities relevant to their needs.

What is Axis Opportunity Finder Membership?

The Axis Opportunity Finder helps artists and creatives quickly and easily find opportunities relevant to their needs.

What do I get as part of Axis Opportunity Finder Membership?

  • Access to the most comprehensive opportunity listings site for artists

  • Bespoke search engine - search by opportunity type, region and whether it's paid or unpaid

  • Options to personalise the opportunities you see to fit your practice, saving you valuable time

  • Set preferences and receive Opportunity alert emails at frequencies tailored to you

  • Peace of mind that opportunities have been checked before they are posted

  • In 2015 93% of Axisweb artist members called the service ‘outstanding’!
  • Gain access to our inclusive online community space and connect with other artists and team members. 

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What type of opportunities do you have?

We constantly upload a broad range of opportunities including commissions, consultancy, exhibitions, funding, job vacancies, media calls, projects, residencies, fairs, professional development, prizes, work in schools, workshops and more.

Where do the opportunities come from?

A wide range of organisations submit opportunities to the Axis Opportunity Finder including private commissioners, galleries, museums, architects, town planners, health providers, schools, universities, local authorities, media agencies and other artists. These are global in reach, with approximately 35% of opportunities listed in places outside the UK.

Are they real opportunities?

We check and approve every opportunity and we will only list an opportunity if we believe it offers genuine value to an artist.

What information do you have about opportunities?

We collect and organise everything there is to know about an opportunity to help provide you with the right information to make an informed decision.  All opportunities are categorised and information is structured so you will quickly see the deadline, location, fee, brief and how to apply. Unlike most listings which are based on blogs, Axis Opportunity Finder is powered by a bespoke, easily searchable database.

How does Axis Opportunity Finder Membership work?

The idea is simple, by providing the most comprehensive, vetted list of opportunities, we save you the hassle of having to trawl long lists on websites, emails and social media. In just a few minutes you can get your Axis Opportunity Finder set up to personalise what you see and start getting alerts for relevant opportunities.

For more information we have a guide How to customise My Axis Opportunity Finder.

How do I set up Opportunity Finder preferences and alerts?

To set your opportunity preferences and alerts you need to sign in and click 'My opportunities' followed by 'Opportunity preferences' in the left hand menu. You can then select your preferences (opportunity type, paid/unpaid, location) and how often you'd like to receive email notifications based on these preferences (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

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Will Opportunity Finder save me time?

Last year we compared artists using Axis Opportunity Finder with those who didn’t. Our survey found on average that artists not using Axis Opportunity Finder spent on average an additional 5 hours per week extra trawling through endless lists and emails to try to find relevant opportunities. Applying a living wage that’s a cost of £45 per week.

How much does Axis Opportunity Finder Membership cost?

The cost is £1.75 per month or £17.50 per year.

Do I get a profile on Axisweb as part of Opportunity Finder Membership?

No. Opportunity Finder is a tool to find relevant opportunities. See Axis Directory Membership to add a profile to your membership.

Do you offer artist insurance?

Yes, you can get artist insurance either as part of Membership Bundle (which includes everything) or through Network Associate Membership.

Is there a minimum term for signing up to Opportunity Finder?

There is no minimum term so you can cancel your membership at any time. If you've set up a Direct Debit to pay for your membership and then cancel this, your membership will remain valid until your next renewal date. Payments by credit or debit cards are not recurring so your membership remains valid until your next renewal date.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your Axisweb membership please email [email protected]

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