Approved: 17.08.2018

Paul Bonomini

Artist, Maker

Approved: 17.08.2018

Paul Bonomini is a British sculptor, born in London where he still lives and works.

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Artist Statement

Paul Bonomini is a British sculptor, born in London where he still lives and works.

His creative practice is driven and guided by materiality, from the initial stages of encounter and gathering an archive of potential components, to the resulting large-scale sculptural compositions that interrogate the relationship between the human body and our physical environment.

Paul's work currently follows two flows. The first is based on his interest in the beauty and symmetry of The Platonic Solids, in particular, the cube. The second follows a more organic, narrative driven set of themes based on Memento Mori (‘remember that you will die’), a symbolic representation of the fragility of the human race, a recurrent narrative and preoccupation in the artist’s work. His processes include; casting, forging and constructing pieces in a range of materials, including bronze, iron, concrete, glass, steel and more recently, 3D printed plastics. Although distinctly different, his two current areas of interest are intrinsically linked by the homogeny of materials he uses.

Paul has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally, including at the Venice Biennale, and he is an elected, active member of the Royal Society of sculptors (MRSS) and The London Group.

CV & Education

Paul Bonomini CV

[email protected]


Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors

Member of The London Group


Prizes awards and publications


2019 London Group Open Presidents prize

2018 V&A Inspired by… competition, best sculpture and best use of the V&A collection

2016 101 Abstract Artworks by Pandora Publications for Art Has No Borders 2016


2013 The state of Art published by Bare Hill Publishing.

Faith, Intersections and WEEEMAN

2005 WEEEMAN articles in all national papers and on national tv.


Selected exhibitions and public sculpture


2021 Edge to Edge at The Cello Factory, London

2021 Waterloo Festival “Coming Up For Air”

2021 10gram Bronze Challenge Royal Society of Sculptors

2020 In the Dark London Group

2019 London Group Open

2019 Discerning Eye Exhibition, Pall Mall Galleries

2019 Made & Found – The Candid Arts Trust